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Advanced TCA®

Advanced TCA from Southco

The mounting hardware specifications of the AdvancedTCA® standard (PICMG 3.0 R3.0) revolve around several key points - protection of the electronic circuitry during hot-swapping, reliable engagment of the faceplate/circuit board during operation, and allowances for electrostatic discharge (ESD) or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

  • Ejector handles are ergonomically attractive and more robust
  • Handles fit multiple faceplate thicknesses and microswitch locations and styles
  • Complementary alignment pins, captive retention screws and keying blocks can be bundled for a complete solutuion

Southco's inject/eject handles take up minimal space on the faceplate and feature an ergonomic design that enables easy actuation. Simple push-to-close action actuates a microswitch with a spring-loaded secondary catch that locks the faceplate into position.

Southco's captive screw design assures that they are anchored with the assembly when it is removed, preventing fastener loss or potential damage caused by loose screws falling onto electronically active components. Captive screws are available in a full range of materials, mounting styles and installation options.

Designed for easy alignment and insertion, Southco'sAlignment/Grounding pinsfeature press-in style, stainless steel construction and are available in ATCA-specified lengths as well as additional lengths.

Southco's Alignment and Keying Modules feature an extremely durable design with a variety of pin/receptacle configurations to ensure boards, backplane and rear transition modules interface properly.