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As the only PICMG member company devoted exclusively to access hardware and ejector solutions, Southco is intimately aware of the requirements of xTCA.

In accordance with PICMG standards, we have developed a full range of front panel hardware products from ejector handles, alignment/ keying blocks and captive retention screws to meet your compliance needs.


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Advanced TCA ®

Southco inject/eject handles, captive screws, guide pins and keying/alignment blocks have become the industry standard for ATCA compliance.

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Advanced MC ™ / MicroTCA ™

Southco AMC handles offer traditional options as well as a flush handle that sits nearly flat against the face plate, providing an enhanced look and reducing breakage.

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Compact PCI ®

Southco cPCI products include an ejector with an easy to reach release button for both new and retrofit solutions, as well as a full range of front panel accessories.

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about xTCA?

Southco's role in PICMG Standards

Southco is the leading supplier of front panel hardware meeting xTCA requirements, with expertise in the functionality, flexibility, ergonomics and technicalities of PICMG standards.

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