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RoHS Compliance Declaration

RoHS Compliance Declaration letters are available for all RoHS Compliant products.


Quality Policy Manual
  Southco, Inc.

Questions About...

Product Drawings

The dimensions on the drawing are not what I expected.
All dimensions without tolerances are for reference purposes only. The purpose of the dimensions are to provide an approximation, as well as installation guidelines (where applicable).

The product drawing does not contain a specific dimension for a component.
Part details that are not critical to installation and performance are sometimes omitted in favor of more principal dimensions.

The product drawing I want to view is unavailable.
Please reference our Finding a Part Guidelines to verify the part number. If you are still unable to locate your CAD file, please contact us.

Finding a Product

Why can't I find the part I'm searching for on
All Southco part numbers contain a varying combination of numbers, letters and dashes. In order to display the specific product page, the dashes must be entered in the proper places.

What is the structure of a Southco part number?
All Southco part numbers begin with a 2-character Product Class, which identifies the product category. The Product Class is always followed by a dash. There can be up to 16 characters (including dashes) after the Product Class, and can contain numbers, letters or a combination of both.

Letters and Number: 4C-PH-M3-1B0-K000
Numbers only: 64-10-113-50

If you are unable to find the exact part number after searching:
Try entering the 2-character Product Class name only. This will bring you to the landing page for that category, where you can then filter part numbers according to their product characteristics.

I have an obsolete DZUS/Hartwell-DZUS part number, how can I find the Southco equivalent?
Please download our Cross Reference Part Number Guide.

CAD Downloads

My CAD file has no features/mates to manipulate.
Due to the translation process, no features/mates are retained. CAD Library Files are designed to demonstrate the form and fit of our products.

The file I downloaded is not coming in as a complete solid.
If you experience an error in a CAD model you have downloaded, we recommend importing a more generic file type into your CAD software (*.STEP, *.x_t).

There is a discrepancy between the CAD file and the reference dimensions in the product literature, trade drawing, etc. If you are still observing dimensional discrepancies, please provide details here.

The CAD file I want to view is unavailable.
Please reference our Part Number Search Guidelines to verify the part number.
Before concluding that the CAD file you need is not available, please be sure that you have entered a valid Southco part number. We recommend you read our Part Number Search Tips to help verify the part number.
If you are still unable to locate your CAD file, please contact us.

UL Flammability Ratings

For many of our plastic products, UL94 flammability rating is an important customer specification. It should be noted that when UL94 ratings are claimed, the rating belongs to the raw material as opposed to the product itself. For UL94 flammability certifications, please contact us.

MSDS Information

Southco is a provider of finished products; therefore, we do not provide Material Safety Data Sheets of our products. We do, however, employ all reasonable methods to ensure our parts are compliant with respect to various environmental compliance directives. Please refer to our Environmental Compliance Policy for a comprehensive outlook.

NEMA/IP Standards

It should be noted that NEMA/IP waterproof tests are performed on unique end-applications. When Southco reports that a product is suitable for a NEMA 4/IP65, it is to say that specific product (or series of products) has been used in NEMA 4/IP65 approved applications.


The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) clause states that "any specialty metals incorporated in items delivered under this contract shall be melted or produced in the United States, its outlying areas or a qualifying country." DFARS Specialty Metals are defined in (DFARS 252.225-7009) as:

  1. Steel
    1. With a maximum alloy content exceeding one or more of the following limits: manganese, 1.65 percent; silicon, 0.60 percent; or copper, 0.60 percent; or
    2. Containing more than 0.25 percent of any of the following elements: aluminum, chromium, cobalt, molybdenum, nickel, niobium (columbium), titanium, tungsten, or vanadium;
  2. Metal alloys consisting of
    1. Nickel or iron-nickel alloys that contain a total of alloying metals other than nickel and iron in excess of 10 percent; or
    2. Cobalt alloys that contain a total of alloying metals other than cobalt and iron in excess of 10 percent;
  3. Titanium and titanium alloys; or
  4. Zirconium and zirconium alloys.

This includes all stainless steel alloys, 4130 & 4140 steel alloy. For DFARS status of a specific part number, contact us.

Performance Guidelines

Southco designs and manufactures a broad range of products for general industry applications. Because every application cannot be anticipated, users must test potential product solutions under the actual application conditions and environment to determine the suitability of the product for the purpose and function intended by the user and to assure desired performance.

Southco Performance and Application Guidelines are supplied as general guides only, as conditions vary with each application and installation method. Strength data given is for failure of the product or where sufficient deformation occurs to make the product inoperable. No safety factor has been applied.

Product strength and cycle life data presented are developed from products tested at ambient temperature, unless otherwise specified. Flammability ratings presented are for material properties only and are not specific to the dimensions or performance of the actual product, unless otherwise specified. Temperature ranges presented as Material Temperature Range are for material properties only.

Dimensions are furnished for the sole purpose of enabling the user to determine envelope sizes and to install the product properly.

Torque and hinge calculators and formulas are intended as general tools for professional use in the product selection process. These calculations provide only one factor to consider when selecting a suitable product for an application. As with any tool, calculations should be confirmed prior to being relied upon.


Southco products are subject to changes at any time in design, dimensions, specifications, material and/or finish without notice. You should confirm the current product characteristics before making a selection. For performance guidelines for each Southco product, contact your local Southco customer service and technical support center or email us.